How a web-to-print solution can help printers

A web to print solution is a great way for printers to use technology to not only become effective in their work but also improve their customer’s experience. For us to understand the benefits of a web to print solution, we need to first define and understand what web to print is.

What is web-to-print?

Web to print can be described as technology that uses digital web services to help customers order commercial-scale printing. Customers will use an online portal to place their orders, design and even order out printed products. The printer’s workflow will then queue the orders and print them when the files are ready.

Advantages of using the web-to-print

A company can benefit in various ways using the web to print so that ordering becomes efficient and easier. There are several ways in which our company benefits from web to print:

Integrating shipping, billing, and purchasing

When we use the web to print technology, we are in a position to make purchases, describe the requirements for our shipping, and get our invoices on demand. This will help with administrative costs and also help to minimize errors during the order process.

Promote consistency of the brand

With web to print, we are able to create templates that we use on our printed items for them to be consistent. We also have added some static information on the template when we want to print letterheads that are formal.

We can order from anywhere

When using web to print services, we usually log in and placing our order from any computer in any of our locations. If several people are placing their orders, they can remotely place their orders and outside purchasing will be managed by the approval functions of the administrator.

Having the capacity of viewing a products catalog

When we use a web to print catalog, we usually view all the items we have managed to print in quick view. This helps us to save a great deal of time when we want to look for previous information that was in a previous job.

It ensures that there is approval of proofs without a physical meeting taking place

Proofs are just a click away with web to print. The days of running to the printing company or banking on shipping then send them back for approval are gone. Proofs are always available on the screen where approvals are done and production completed. We tend to save a lot of unnecessary travel with this kind of proofing method.

Web to print is a great resource for our company since we have several locations and a team of sales representatives. When our sales representatives place an order to get their business cards, a proof will be shown to them for approval in just a few minutes. Additionally, in cases where er want shipping to be done in several locations, we will have the items sent to the specific locations.

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