The PC/Printing Partnership

There is no question that the personal computer has changed the entire world. From how we communicate with each other, to how we interact with businesses, to how we trade, everything has changed in barely over one generation. The process has been snowballing, not in some small part because human beings are such innovative creatures, having the ability to take an idea and both improve on it and expand outward from it – building new technologies that branch directly from an older source.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the printing industry has also benefitted from a whirlwind of innovation that has not only changed the way printing is done but also the way it is ordered. Like everything else, more and more individuals, businesses, and corporations are moving from traditional printing sources to online sources. As with everything, printing has responded with technology that makes everything faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

The latest innovation is Web2Print, an amazing advancement that takes virtually the entire printing process and moves it online. There are so many advantages to this service that it is truly groundbreaking.

Ease of Design: Web2Print Services allow the client or the designer to create, and easily tweak, a design that meets their needs.

Reusability: Once a completed design is approved, it remains available in the system for the client, designer, and printer. This way if anyone needs access to it – or if tweaks need to be made as the business changes – it is always there.

Timesaving: Web2Print cuts out meetings and the time spent traveling to them, streamlining the process of printing to lightning fast compared to traditional printing.

Cost-effective: So much time is saved, reducing costs along the entire line, allowing businesses to pass those savings on to the customer while increasing revenue both per-sale and through increased business.

Higher Quality: Because computer design has come so far, featuring high-end graphics, the end product is astounding to what was previously being created. Computer design also lowers the incidence of errors without the added expense of match prints.

eCommerce Friendly: If your business deals in customized products, Web2Print software allows the customer to make the order, which then goes directly to the printer.

All of these add up to a technology that is sure to endure, if not overwhelm, in the printing industry for years to come.

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