The Future of Printing is Here!

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In days of old, which really were not all that long ago, if a business needed something printed, the process was long and drawn out. Multiple meetings with designers and printers all leading to the approval concepts, test prints, and – FINALLY – the finished product.

But, like virtually everything else, those days are (not so) far behind us with the creation and rapid development of the office computer. Design no longer requires the use of pencil, cutouts, and a drafting table – illustrators have adapted to the use of a mouse instead of a pen. And ordering printed materials has become as simple as a few clicks on a website.

The printing industry as a whole has adapted even further. In fact, they’ve taken the entire process online. By doing this, they’ve made it possible for anyone – from large corporations all the way down to individuals in their living rooms – to plan and order printed materials of all kinds.

The process behind this innovation is Web2Print. By this method, every link in the chain of communication from client to designer to printer to press and back coordinates through a single source that everyone has access to. Communication is faster, rarely if ever requiring face-to-face meetings. This opens up entirely new realms for the printing industry and their clients.

With Web2Print, the time from order to printing is greatly reduced. So even if, for example, someone decides at the last minute that they are going to surprise their family reunion with commemorative t-shirts, the printing arrives in time for the event.

Web2Print can make corporate events easier, too. Rather than planning months in advance for a cross-country trade show, coordinating printing dates and shipping dates and possibly even traveling with bulky displays, executives can simply order from a Web2Print provider close to the venue and meet their display materials on-site. No waiting for luggage or shipping carriers to arrive! This is exceptionally helpful for international meetings.

These are just a couple of examples on each end of the spectrum of the boundlessness of Web2Print services. The service is so versatile that anyone can use it to streamline the previously tedious process of printing jobs, both large and small.  Branded t-shirts and mugs, business cards and brochures, and standees and displays are all easier with Web2Print.

As more and more people are discovering how simple the process is, Web2Print is no longer a thing of the future, it is the present… and here to stay.

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