What is Web2Print?

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It is a new year, and a lot of companies are starting to make their advertising, design, and printing decisions for the next twelve months. The most budget-minded of these are opting, once again, to use a Web2Print service. But what exactly is Web2Print, and why is it the preferred option of more and more companies?

Web2Print (or Web-to-Print, often abbreviated W2P), is an online print management system. By moving the process to an automated, computer-based system, time, money, and visits to and from the printer are virtually eliminated.

Web2Print is a more direct way for all the parts of an advertising and printing channel to communicate more efficiently. By removing a great portion of time-consuming meetings, printings, and reviews, everyone’s costs are significantly lowered.

With W2P, file transfers, communication, editing and proofing, and storage of files for future reference or reprints all remain online. Because of this, every member of a print production can have access to the files at any time with their web-to-print storefronts, using PDF (Portable Document Format) files instead of printed proofs. Because of the availability, the time to process printing is reduced exponentially.

Correcting errors or making last minute changes are a breeze, too. As the needs of the business change, or that occasional error gets caught at the last-minute, whoever needs access to the file can simply go into the system, make the corrections, and leave the printing process virtually uninterrupted.

With W2P, nothing has to leave the digital realm until the final is being printed. This makes this option ideal for everyone in the print chain:

  • The Customer – Plan the printing process without investing a lot of time and energy going back and forth to the printer or incurring the expense of reviewing hard copy proofs
  • The Marketing Department – Every member can review the project as it progresses, making suggestions and changes
  • The Design Team – Allows for the lightning-fast exchange of design ideas, management of design templates, and last-minute changes
  • The Printer – Utilizing W2P can expand the customer base far beyond the normal range. There is also less work per job and fewer occurrences of printing errors, leaving time for more clients

With all of these advantages, is it any wonder that so many businesses are choosing Web2Print for all their marketing needs again this year?



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