Web-to-print (W2P) Advances The Technology of Printing

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Web-to-print (W2P) Solutions Help Printers

When someone suggests you change the method by which you do business with them it can be surprising, if not downright frightening. One’s first thought is usually either “But we’ve always done it this way,” or “I hate learning new technologies.” It is no different with Web2Print services than it is with any other area. But once you know more about how it works, you’ll realize it is neither difficult nor scary.

Let’s address the first statement. Virtually nobody has “always” done something in a particular way. For example, dependent on how old you are you may not have always driven an automatic transmission vehicle, although now almost everyone does. It is no different in the printing industry. We didn’t always use computers for design. It has not been very long since “mechanicals” were the standard – cut out pieces of illustration and text, combined on a drafting board to make an advertising or packaging campaign. Like all older technologies, this was time-consuming and required multiple visits either to or from the advertising agency. Now, designs do most of their work on computers, requiring few actual face-to-face visits (if any), and far fewer hours of involvement on both sides.

Web2Print is simply the next step in that streamlining process. It advances the technology of printing to the next level. Instead of a few visits to the printer, now you review everything from your computer. In fact, it makes the entire process easier:

• Everything happens online: file transfers, communication, editing and proofing, and storage of files for future reference or reprints

• The process is more time-saving, eliminating costs and extra steps to make the job run more efficiently

• You don’t need to worry about the technical side or maintenance, and the system is easy to use and understand

• It is easy to retrieve your saved job files in the future for reprints with very little hassle

The second statement, fear or hatred of learning new technologies because of the difficulty involved. But like learning most new things, it really isn’t that difficult to work with Web2Print. You don’t have to understand how it works in order to understand how to work with it. Think of the first computer you ever had. You knew nothing of the workings, but it didn’t take you very long to set it up and start using it anyway.

Web2Print is similar to this. Just because you don’t understand the thousands of lines of programming that go into making this amazing technology work doesn’t mean you can’t quickly learn to work it – probably even more quickly than you learned your way around your first computer. More like a modern television remote (okay, that’s a bad example, some of those are WORSE than the first home computers).

So now that you know you have nothing to fear, jump right in and give Web2Print a try for your next campaign!

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