Use Online Tools To Streamline Productivity

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One of the best ways to maintain job security is by increasing productivity while keeping costs low. In the modern era, technology is perhaps the most important part of that streamlining, reducing both time and cost that, not too long ago, would have been impossible to eliminate.

There are literally hundreds of programs and apps available for virtually every conceivable office application. Whether to reduce time, reduce effort, or streamline communications, every one of them has the same end purpose – to make things easier and make one’s schedule just a little less hectic.

Despite the old saw that “time is on my side,” it never seems like there is enough of it. In a daily routine, every minute counts. When working with a team, streamlining the communication can save more time than any other one thing. This is where work management apps step up.

Telecommunication and video conferencing tools such as Skype allow multiple people to communicate in a group chat instead of individually, reducing the number of conversations needed to share information and ideas. Removing the necessity to play phone tag between people reduces wasted time significantly.

Text and text-file upload sites like Trello make it easy to organize and share documents and projects, allowing team members from management on down to have a simple way to keep track of submissions, corrections, and suggestions. Since each individual file allows for comments, there is no need for sending mark-ups back and forth – the project manager, writer, and editor are, literally, on the same page.

For those who do most of the writing themselves, but want to make sure that everything from a company-wide memo to an 80-page catalog don’t have any significant errors, Grammarly fits the bill nicely. They have membership levels, allowing the user to choose between basic corrections and in-depth commentary including plagiarism checks.

Web2Print services are a fantastic way to allow every member of a print production to have access to the files before, during, and after the process in a single, automated location. PDF (Portable Document Format) files sent between computers handle the work, virtually eliminating the need for printed proofs. This rapid-fire exchange of files between project managers, designers, and the printers themselves speeds up the process of any final corrections and allows for changes to existing production files as the needs of the team or brand change.

These are just a few of the more popular areas that online tools increase productivity in. Regardless of your need, someone has certainly created a solution that will simplify your workday, time after time.

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