The best thing about W2P (web-to-print services)

It has not been that long since businesses, and often only larger ones at that, had access to professional printing services at affordable prices. Often there was a required cost minimum to even start a conversation with a printer. Many smaller companies, especially start-ups, could not afford the services, and individuals were even more left out. This didn’t work for anyone, because the small companies and laymen could not afford to place orders, and the printing companies would miss out on a segment of business that adds up to a lot of lost revenue.

That all changed with the advent of Web2Print (W2P) services. Now, most companies and even individuals can make print orders for virtually anything, and in any quantity, at a price that can easily fit within their budget. Put quite simply, W2P has both simplified the printing process and opened the door for everyone to take advantage of professional printing services.

The advantages of W2P are numerous, but what exactly is it?

Web2Print services allow businesses and individuals to handle all of their printing needs online. The work is handled computer-to-computer, usually using PDFs (Portable Document Format), up to an including proof reviews and approvals.

W2P is great for the customer because it allows them to plan the printing process without investing a lot of time and energy going back and forth to the printer or incurring the expense of reviewing hard copy proofs.

It works well for any company’s marketing department, graphic designer, or any other intermediary, because it allows for the lightning-fast exchange of design ideas, management of design templates, and last-minute changes with significantly less hassle than traditional printing.

For printers, utilizing W2P can expand their customer base far beyond the normal range. Having everything from concept to submission handled by computer creates a situation of both less work and fewer printing errors. Because of this, not only is the customer base expanded, but also the virtual elimination of errors frees up the printer to increase their business further!

Perhaps the best thing about W2P is that, with the proper software, everything is streamlined into a single, automated location. Starting with design, moving all the way through print sourcing and then printing, nothing leaves the digital realm until the final is shooting off the press.

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